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Wing Chun: Chum Kiu

Online introduction to Chum Kiu Form - the second level Wing Chun Kung Fu Tao


Being an agressive attacking style, Wing Chun has to be studied as such, which means the student have to develop some kind of understanding of how it feels. Most of this understanding happens on the second level, though of course, the process never ends.

Chum Kiu Tao is the second Tao (form, sequence of techniques) you learn in Wing Chun. In addition to Wing Chun basic hand technique that you learned on the first level, it brings some of the most important footwork and kicks.

The form places a lot of emphasize on the "feeling" you have to develop as you practice Wing Chun. It focuses on the balance as you turn or kick and on the "snap" like sensation of relaxed readiness as you learn to deliver attacks that are fast, powerful and yet - relaxed.

The last statement requires clarification. The very idea of Wing Chun is to create a situation when you are NOT wrestling with your opponent, because it is designed as a style for a weaker person to defeat the stronger one (or for a single person to defeat multiple opponents). So when your opponent pushes - you flow off the way, rather than trying to stop him with brute force.

To summarize: regardless being basic, Chum Kiu is very important. It provides you with proper dynamics of Wing Chun, and you can not progress unless you master it.

Contents of the eBook

In the eBook, you will be guided through the Chum Kiu Tao form, step by step. A lot of attention is paid to details as there are countless ways of "doing it wrong". When possible, I am giving explanations, why this particular technique is done in this particular way, and when to use it.

Being a fighting style, to put it a modest way, a style that is totally oriented on the attack, Wing Chun, nevertheless, does not rely on muscular strength as much, as, for example, kiokushin karate. Instead, it is designed in such a way, that your position becomes, when necessary, solid, and opponent's attack is deflected at such angle that it no longer can pose a thread.

In other words, Wing Chun is energy efficient, and to fully take advantage of this fact, you will have to pay a lot of attention to your position, to trajectories your hands and legs move on, and to the relaxation. It is hard to teach through the book, but I am trying to do my best explaining the fine mechanics of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is fast, it is definitely one of the most explosive fighting styles around, and to explode - one need to be relaxed. You can not move fast, if your muscles are tense, and especially, you can not switch from one direction to another, unless you learn to relax between these little explosions. This requirement creates a lot of confusion during the first months of studying, however, it is a MUST. This is, too, discussed in the eook.

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