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Online introduction to Wing Chun Kun Fu - a combat-oriented full contact fighting style.

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When people come to Wing Chun Kunfu from other martial arts schools, they are deeply confused. So was I at some point, as I came with Kiokushin and Aikido background. There are two reasons for this confusision. First - they do everything wrong! Wrong footwork, wrong blocks, wrong attacks. Just... wrong!

And the second reason for confusion arises, when you try your techniques against Wing Chun, only to discover, that they do not work. That this strange looking style can easily find holes in what you had considered a solid technique of yours before.

Wing Chun is a violent attacking style. If you are looking for a spiritual experience, you have probably came to the wrong place. This is the style that was created for combat, and with the only objective in mind.

To win.

1. Who is Stronger?

Finally, by your requests: a short description of a typical fight bemween Tai Chi and Wing Chun practitioners. Who is stronger?

2. Wing Chun: Fighting a Stronger Opponent.

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If you came to Wing Chun from a different school, you will discover that it uses a totally different paradigm: instead of doing block - attack, it focuses on the attack completely, allowing blocking to happen ACCIDENTALLY, but without anything like "defence first" ideology. It works surprisingly well.

See, different styles are for different initial conditions. Say, in classical wrestling you can safely assume that you will only have one opponent. In boxing you with your opponent are locked on the ring and you have all time you need. And so on.

What difference does it make? Well, let's consider boxing. Don't take it wrong, boxing is a powerful thing and boxers are definitely among the most dangerous opponents. But... they spend a lot of time dancing around each other. Why?

Because they can. They have time and they use it to pick a good moment for an attack and to catch their breath, too.

And it just does not work in the street fight environment.

Imagine you dancing around your opponent, while couple of his friends are attacking your family - do you have time to dance? Probably not. You need to end the confrontation as fast as you can.

Wing Chun is about aggression. No time to dance around, no time to break the distance, and no time for defencive techniques. It takes you forward no mater what. It is not better than boxing, karate of wrestling. It is simply designed for a different purpose.

3. Wing Chun Kun Fu: Siu Lim Tao.

wing chun, siu lim tao, street fighting technique, most effective martial art, best fighting technique, 
					combat military training, self defence tactic

Siu Lim Tao is the first form you study in Wing Chun Kun Fu. However, one should not be tricked by its aparent simplicity. The form contains all essential details you need to build your technique upon, and you can not master Wing Chun without it. It is also designed in such a way, that the student gets the feeling of the style, the fine kinestetic sensation of "how it should be".

The Wing Chun style is one of the most agressive styles, and in the same time, it is not very demanding in terms of physical strength. Its technics are simple yet very efficient, to the extent when it seems that they just "work by themselves".

4. Wing Chun Kun Fu: Chum Kiu.

wing chun, chum kiu, street fighting technique, most effective martial art, best fighting technique, 
					combat military training, self defence tactic

Chum Kiu is the second form Wing Chun students have to master. In addition to hands techniques that you saw in Siu Lim Tao, it introduces some footwork: steps, turns and kicks. Footwork means an increase emphacise on balance, and all together it helps to add power of your body and legs to your strikes.

Chum Kiu relies heavily on the Wing Chun basics, such as keeping the central line and on the overall sence of agressive attack projected outside, which is common for this kung fu style.

5. Random Wing Chun techniques.

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Mostly notes for myself, specific details about random techniques and so on.

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